The First National Dissemination Workshop took place at the offices of Center Runi in Bulgaria on 10th October 2014. It was attended by ten highly qualified paramedics who work at different emergency centres throughout the country.

At the meeting the attendees were introduced to the project idea and its objectives, the research results, the LMS platform and the first Medilingua unit. They also all received dissemination materials (posters, leaflets, newsletters). The participants were very interested in the project, especially the platform, and most claimed their willingness to participate in future activities (e.g. the testing phase).

During the workshop Center Runi’s staff gave a detailed presentation of the learning platform and showed the paramedics how to navigate through it and test its functionality. Paramedics’ comments on the platform were very positive. They stressed the good design and excellent software execution of the first unit. The paramedics are already very interested to see the next units.

An important added value of the workshop arose from the fact that the participants began to consider the possibility of establishing their own paramedics’ association. Center Runi’s staff provided them with some advice in this initiative by explaining some of the financial and legal barriers related to the creation of an NGO. A further, more in-depth, meeting was subsequently arranged between Center Runi and one of the workshop participants to explore further the idea of a paramedic’s association. The aim of such an association should be to defend the rights of paramedics and work to develop the integration of the paramedic profession into the national legislature. If this idea becomes reality the NGO will also distribute the concept and results of the MEDILINGUA project to the widest possible number of paramedics in Bulgaria.