On October 8th we held our first dissemination workshop, combined with testing of first unit of our training program at the Akkon-Hochschule für Humanwissenschaften, on Am Köllnischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin. The participants were 20 experienced paramedics.

We started with a short description of iberika Sprachschule. Then we introduced the general aims of the Lifelong Learning Programme and how the project idea came up. The activities carried out so far and its results were presented, with special focus on our extensive research phase.
This lead us to the work with the platform: First, the content developer gave some background information about the unit itself. Then the participants tested the unit for about 30 to 40 minutes using their tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

After the testing the participants had an opportunity to complete a feedback assessment questionnaire and discuss their first impressions of the platform. Dissemination materials such as leaflets and poster, as well as subscription lists for the Medilingua’s Newsletter, were distributed among the paramedics.
The participants were very satisfied with the didactical structure, the level, the range of vocabulary and the grammar issues. The exercises matched exactly the problems they experience when using English at work. They found the exercises easy to understand and liked the didactical structure in general.

One of the participants, who works as a teacher in the Fire Services School of Berlin, proposed holding a Medilingua workshop on the topic of “English for paramedics”, which they want to introduce in the program’s studies. We are now negotiating to develop this workshop and we think this will be a valuable collaboration for the project.
Summarising, we consider this first workshop to have been a great success: The participants were very interested in the project and gave us a lot of positive feedback and constructive advice that will help us to improve the platform further. The Akkon-Hochschule even booked in another session for next year.


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