The Portuguese research phase exceeded initial expectations. Following the first transnational coordination meeting (in Portugal, January 2014) Gesaúde developed further the initial contacts made with the Portuguese emergency services that are responsible for paramedic activities.

Six meetings were held with fire-fighters organisations and with INEM (National Institute of Medical Emergency), in order to inform them about the project and to involve them actively in the project work.

The contacts and meetings resulted in very strong and positive participation. The project’s research questionnaires were distributed to emergency professionals in order to understand better situation of emergency professionals in Portugal, their work, and how the project will help to enhance their capacity through training via podcasting.

There are approximately 250 emergency professionals in the centre region of Portugal, of whom just less than half (110) completed the questionnaires. The data collected from questionnaires were processed and presented in the project’s 2nd Transnational Meeting, held in Berlin, 30 June-1 July 2014.. The results of this work are reported in full in the project's Research Report that can be downloaded from this web site.